“Friends & Family” CSA Referral Program

It takes many people to run a successful farm: from the planning and seeding, to the tedious transplanting; from maintenance in keeping the irrigation running smoothly, to the fridges and greenhouse fans we use; from soil tests, to applying the correct minerals to the soil; from clearing and prepping the field, to weeding; and from harvesting, to packaging the fresh produce.  We have had many wonderful volunteers, who have played a big part in these various areas and they have been rewarded with the literal “fruit of their labor”.


However, there is another aspect of the farm that I want to offer all of you, since not everyone is able to come spend time with us here at the farm.  Each year, I plan to have a few more members join us and we welcome help with spreading the word.  I have created a farm referral program that helps you save on your Vegetable CSA and also helps us grow!


Here is how the “Friends and Family” Referral Program works:


  1. Go online to select your Combo CSA or the Vegetable CSA; select your pick-up location, and purchase while we are having our “Early Bird” Sale.  (You can still do this after the sale but I want you to get in on the savings:)
  2. Then, tell your friends about what a CSA is and the health and environmental benefits of joining a local farm.  There are several ways you can do this: you can pass on our emails; you can repost our posts on Facebook to your Facebook page to share with friends and you can also “like” our posts on Facebook so that your friends will see that you support our farm.  Talking about your experience is a great way to get them introduced to becoming a farm member.
  3. Let them know how they can save up to $70 off a combo CSA right now with our “Early Bird” Special.
  4. Let your friends or family know that when they sign up for a Veggie CSA to note your name as the referral.
  5. You can refer as many “Friends and Family” as you would like and you get 10% for each.  If you get 2 that is 20% off your Veggie CSA, 5 that is 50%, or 10 and you get your Veggie Share for Free!!!  I will be crediting back to your credit card the respective percentage of your Vegetable CSA price as a thank you for being a part of our “Spreading the Word” team:)The friend or family signing up must be a new member to our farm and purchase a Vegetable CSA Share.  The 10% off will be applied to your Vegetable Share.

I believe that the goal of a CSA farm is that it’s members are in direct communication with their farmer and giving feed back so that the farm can blossom and grow to fit the needs of it’s members.  This is one reason I strongly believe in being the one to do the deliveries on delivery day.  That way, I get to visit with you and get feedback on what you all are enjoying and doing with the produce.  Your ideas and feedback are very important as we grow each year.  Thanks again for your part in supporting local agriculture & my farm.