Get your Vegetable CSA Share at 10% off all the way up to FREE with our “Friends and Family”  referral Program!


Part of our continued success is your help in spreading the word about Community Sponsored Agriculture.  That’s why we’ve developed our “Friends and Family” referral program. Here’s how it works.


1.    Go online to select your Combo CSA or the Vegetable CSA; select your pick-up location, and purchase to secure your share for the upcoming growing season.

2.    Then, tell your friends about what a CSA is and the health and environmental benefits of joining a local farm.  There are several ways you can do this: you can pass on our farm emails; you can repost our farm posts on Facebook to your Facebook page and you can also “like” our posts on Facebook so that your friends will see that you support our farm.  Talking about your experience in eating local farm fresh is a great way to get them introduced to becoming a farm member.

3.    Let them know they can save up to $70 off a combo CSA or if they sign up in January – April, they can choose the split payment option.  

4.    Have your friends or family note your name as the referral when they sign up for a Veggie CSA.


5.    You can refer as many “Friends and Family” as you would like and you get 10% off your Veggie Share for each.  If you get 2 that is 20% off, 5 that is 50%, or 10 and you get your Veggie Share for Free!!!  I will be crediting back to your credit card the respective percentage of your Vegetable CSA price as a thank you for being a part of our “Spreading the Word” team:)  The friend or family signing up must be a new member to our farm and purchase a Vegetable CSA Share.  The 10% off will be applied to your Vegetable Share only.

Thanks again for your part in supporting local agriculture and my farm.